A lighter Desktop with startx

I ve accidently discovered that if you remove the desktop-autostart bundle then you can start a lighter Desktop Environment by running startx … this takes 390M of RAM instead of 587M (regular gnome with autostart) on my laptop. … looks good to me, more “classical” than regular gnome desktop with a classical “task bar” with all your tasks/windows at the bottom …

I also installed xfce4 … it takes even less RAM (about 340M) but startxfce4 takes longer than startx (there must be sthg wrong in the configuration) … also the nm-applet icon doesn’t start but you can start it by running nm-applet under root … but when you install xfce4 you get an app finder in the start menu of the startx desktop, which I find kind of useful :slight_smile:

(I ve also posted on reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/ClearLinux/comments/plhan6/a_lighter_desktop_with_startx/ )