Advanced installation causing lag at start

Hello i have Lenovo l340 gaming laptop.
Basic spec is Intel 9750h, 16gb ram, nvidia geforce gtx 1650 and 256 gb ssd and 1 tb for sda.
I tried to install with advanced installation with this partition table:
gpt as partition table
1024 mb => CLR_BOOT,fat32
16384 mb => CLR_SWAP,linux swap
and all others of ssd for CLR_ROOT
and all of my sda for CLR_MNT/home
Now after finished installation when rebooted i tried to open files and Gnome is crashing, i can only move mouse and i can’t click anything.
After that i tried to test Destructive Installation and all is fine, it’s fast and smooth.
Please help me to find my problem with advanced installation.

A really simple and easy solution is to install the default OS on the NVME, and then later migrate and mount your 1TB drive as /home. This can be done after installation, of course.