Any mpd client available for CL?

I am not able to find a client for MPD (Music Player Daemon).
I doubt that there is nobody of this community using MPD since it is quite a popular tool for a music server. What do you guys use?

Mpd is relatively simple - compiling it from source should be relatively easy. If someone autospec’s it, we can merge it too.

My question was not how to run mpd on CL.
It was about clients for it. There are a lot of them out there and I was just wondering whether there is one merged that I may have missed. In addition, I looked at the flatpacks as well as the AppImages and couldn’t find any.
Thank you!

There isn’t any that I know of.

Thank you for clarifying that!
You may consider merging some whenever you feel there may be a demand.
ncmpc is an old and popular curses based one, loved by the purists.
cantata is a popular QT5 based one.
There used to be several GTK based clients and I just had to find out that virtually none of them is ported to GTK3, so most look quite old fashioned. CoverGrid appears to be a newer GTK3 based one that looks promising on the screenshots.
Anyway, let me use the opportunity to express my respect for all your work! Keep it up that great! :slight_smile: