Assistive keyboard stuck on-sceen

After restoring from sleep, the assistive keyboard was on screen. No keystroke I could find would make it go away. The keyboard key with the down arrow would not make the assistive keyboard go away. The F11 with the keyboard on the key, Fn-F11 or other combinations did not work. Lid-down sleep again and restore did not help. Reboot and assistive keyboard was gone, finally.
This has happened once before with the same result.
Any thoughts on how to address in the future?

Does your system have a touchscreen?
Does it happen if you disable the on screen keyboard in settings?

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The laptop does have a touch screen, and since I seldom use it, I did not think of touching the “go-away” button on the assistive keyboard.

I do not ask the assistive keyboard to appear, except by accident, and I will have to read up on how to make that happen. I have not found it yet. The keyboard has appeared only twice in the month I have had this new laptop

In the Universal Access setting area, everything is off.

The F11 has a keyboard on it, but that seems to toggle between full screen and with top window bar and tabs visible - at least in FireFox.