Audacity flatpak fails to install from software app

Using ClearLinux software app, attempting to install Audacity produces error Unable to load summary from remote Flatpak: Error resolving""

Research elsewhere returns clock discrepancy or faulty connection as possible culprits, but neither appears likely in this case. Clean install and extremely strong wireless.

Any suggestions?

Hey @phalange welcome! I noticed your post got buried a bit. Are you continuing to have this problem or was it a temporary network issue?

The problem was persistent over about a week. I finally abandoned using the ClearLinux store and simply installed Audacity the usual way via Flatpak CLI. This resulted in a complete and fully functional installation as expected.

I can’t say this issue is solved since there may be an issue with the ClearLinux store or something else. I am test driving ClearLinux, so my goal was to test the store app. Flatpak itself appears to be functioning normally independent of the store.

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I’m glad to hear you have the workaround. There have been reports here and on GitHub about issues with FlatPak installation status using the GNOME software center but I haven’t seen the message you shared before.

If you have any more details, please feel free to share them in the GitHub issue:

Ok, I’ll follow up on GH

@puneetse It still doesn’t work with the ClearLinux store and while using Flatpak CLI I got a warning but the app works fine
Warning: Failed to get revokefs-fuse socket from system-helper: User flatpak does not exist in password file entry

I’ve also found that the GUI software installer usually fails to work, and usually resort to the Flatpak CLI installer. I actually prefer the CLI installer because it shows me the support libraries it is installing for a given app, and the download progress for those libraries. The GUI installer does not show download progress.

On my second fresh install of CL and I have to run this to get flathub working (even though it’s installed:
sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

This was resolved in august, I think.

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I can confirm. I made the GitHub issue for this. It was resolved with an update around July 15.