Autospec and private GitHub repos

My question is whether autospec can use private github repos.

I have followed the guide for the here and it worked. I even got it to work for the latest version of OpenBLAS. However, whenever I try to download my private repo I’m told “(22, ‘The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found’)”.

I have two factor authentication setup so I am using an ssh password which works as I’m able to download the repository using the username and ssh password. However, when I enter the same information for autospec I get the error above. Am I doing something obviously stupid or do I need to code the solution?

hmm. Are you using git config credential helper? Setting global creds might help. I’m not sure though I’m on my phone and I’ve never attempted what you are trying to do. Works well with things like submodules though. If autospec is putting you in a root subshell or something else that might change the environment, you may need to swich to root user and set up git creds for root as well.

I think the common practice for this type of thing is to setup a proxy and handle authentication (and prefetch and caching) in the proxy.

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In a simular scenario we run a mirror (readonly) on a private network and just restrict ip/CIDR

What you suggested is actually what I got to work. I’m re-configuring the git repo connection so it works over a proxy and that way the computer can just download the tar.gz file from this connection. That way access is controlled over the proxy.
To be honest, I’ve never even thought of setting of a repo like this so I’m not sure how secure it is. From the outset it seems secure if not more secure than how we would typically use git.