Can I add other RPM-based distro repository to Clear Linux?

Hello everyone.
I curious with adding other RPM-based distro package repository to Clear Linux, but I haven’t try it because I can’t imagine how to that and risk for do that. I asking it because I have some troubles from package dependency in installing RPM package, such as Zoom and Anytype. Thanks for your answer and helps.
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Hello Anifyuli,

For Zoom :

sudo su;
swupd bundle-add desktop;
flatpak install -y flathub us.zoom.Zoom;

For AnyType :
You try this ?

 sudo su;
 wget "" --no-check-certificate;
 rpm2archive anytype-0.39.0.x86_64.rpm ;
 tar xvf anytype-0.39.0.x86_64.rpm.tgz -C / ;

Anytype has also an AppImage did you try it ?

Wget ""  --no-check-certificate;

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Thanks. I add Zoom from Flatpak and Anytype with AppImage format

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Great !
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you can add RPM based packages. There isn’t however any guarantee the libs will be compatible. Chrome installs just fine via rpm, but if you were to download say, docky via RPM made for Fedora, you’d might have to install other RPM Fedora libs to get it to work. And even then it might not work but it might. As for breaking the system, I don’t see that happening. just speaking from personal experience.

I see. Recently, I try to install Anytype and Zoom using RPM format but it can’t installed because incompatibility library. I try to add needed dependencies but this problems not solved.