Can I run Cinnamon DE on Clear Linux?

I happen to use Linux Mint and heavily dependent on Cinnamon DE.
However, I think Clear Linux can be a good platform to deploy software. Before using it as a server I would like to use it as my desktop. Is there any way I can install Cinnamon on Clear Linux?

There is not an official bundle yet so you will to need to do it yourself via source or rpm2cpio. You should make a wishlist request for it.

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I wouldn’t recommend it. Using RPM’s from other distributions, especially for something as complex as a gnome-based desktop, is unlikely going to work unless it was compiled for clearlinux.

My advice would be to locally compile cinnamon and install it to /usr/local. Start with the dev-utils desktop-dev bundles, which should give you most of the things you need to get started with this.


I agree completely on the build from source, whenever possible anything should always be built natively.

I would think that maybe /opt with a symlink could be easier though. FWIW, all the stuff I am building myself such as brave is done via source into /opt to keep the system a little cleaner but using /opt is also an old habit from nearly 20 years ago.:rofl:

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What is wishlist request?

That’s absolutely a great way to split out individual packages, and works great as long as you don’t have lots of libraries in there, since, for each of them you will need to modify /etc/ :slight_smile:

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