Changes coming to Clear Linux' direction

I think the covid-19 pandemic is the true culprit here. I guess the team is still WFH and that’s why in the last few months we didn’t here much from them.

Yes and no. I noticed the resourcing started to decline earlier in the year. Community manager type people seemed to disappear before covid (they are always the first to go). But yes, covid has resulted in an acceleration in the decline. I wouldn’t expect it to return to previous levels unless there becomes a reason to.

Remember that most contributors are paid employees. If the company wants you elsewhere, then that’s where you go.

I like your way of avoiding naming :wink:

Well it’s not like it’s their fault, so naming isn’t helpful imo.

Just to back up what I’ve seen (and great to have data to back up a hunch), this shows unique contributors who have commits in package updates via This also includes users who are contributing the odd package fix which isn’t happening as much anymore.

The tailing off started about Jan and plummeted in June.

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the updates in swupd-client, clearlinux-documentation, and other first-party repository also slows down recently.

I agree with you. CL is a really good OS, got the potential to become the google chrome of OSs. The issue is not the vanila Gnome at all, the real issue is it is not a polished finished product yet. My personal issues are the followings:

Ok we have work around for applying themes. But to find the solution we need to spend time on learning and finding solution. It is a very basic thing should have a out of the box solution.

For desktop a minimum requirement is browser. We have to use rpm packages for chrome. I suspect chrome is the reason my desktop freezes frequently and on rare occasions hangs. What is the point of a high performing OS if it freezes. Firefox also we need to follow community instruction to enable video playback and it is not using the HW acceleration yet, I am getting lines for full screen HD playbacks.

Video player supplied also not playing any video files on it’s own. After compiling the ffmpeg packages it works, but without HW acceleration.

I am a software professional got many laptops at home. They are mac, windows, ubuntu and haiku. I use all of them and windows was my default laptop till I came across CL. The day I used it instantly fall in love with it’s look and feel, performance and security. The audio video playback quality also very impressive. I also don’t like microsoft’s bullying and forcing us to use their crap tile interface. I think it can easily beat mac OS and all other linux distros and give serious competition to windows if they can make it a finished product.

If they can do it they will have the following rewards:

  1. Teach lesson to apple for moving to power pc platform.
  2. Teach lesson to microsoft.
  3. Because of the performance many people like me will not have to upgrade their laptop to a new one for the time being. New laptop these days mean more likely AMD’s cheaper and powerful laptops.

They want to make CL a developer’s OS, but all other linux are designed for developers only. Normal users don’t feel comfortable in linux.

I hope they will address the concerns and would not let the popularity of this great OS go down.

Looking forward to have native HW acceleration with codec supports. Less dependency on flatpacks and make it a polished finished product.


They want to make CL a developer’s OS, but all other linux are designed for developers only. Normal users don’t feel comfortable in linux.

Very true. The only exception might be Ubuntu which is used by a lot of “non-dev” windows switcher.

But this means being Developer Linux is no unique characteristic to get professional users.
The main selling point for me was performance in any aspect and beyond the gentoo we add -march=native anywhere.
Btw also the look and feel - I’m running my PopOS Workstation with the GNOME Clear Linux look :smiley: (pre vanilla).

I think the point of feelling comfortable on the System is underestimated. And as pointed out it is not there yet - or not polished to say: hey it is fun using it. This outweighs the performance advantage.

…is to boost (or sustain) Intel server CPU sales

Tongue in cheek - I’m using a mobile “server” Intel CPU (Xeon E-2286M) as my daily Workhorse. I have to be mobile,

boost and sustain… :wink:

btw… It was a bit depressing seeing that this particular highend mobile workstation processor performance so bad with CL.

That raised my eyebrows a bit - because I thought if I buy the most powerful (+expensive) mobile Intel CPU (at that time) CL will run even better on it.

CL can be a negative in a thermally constrained environment so I wasn’t surprised. All the AVX stuff means more heat, that leads to throttling and you get a worse result. I’m a stickler for thermals (as it gets really hot here) CL runs hotter than other distros and likely uses more power from the tuning/performance settings (in my experience more power = more heat).

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I Imagine CL work well in those scenarios:

  • A developer’s workstation which has water cooling
  • A server farm where excessive heating is well-managed, so that at least it won’t cause performance regression

I noticed the continuous fan sound in my laptop for normal browsing. Rarely noticed any sound while using windows on the same machine.

It’s possible due to the heating. But it’s also possible that Linux doesn’t have a driver for the fans. (I’m not sure)

On my desktop computer some fans are connected to GPU and in Windows they require a proprietary software to work properly. ( It only start working when the GPU is too hot )

But in CL they just work even there’s no fan controlling software. The caveat is their speed don’t seem to adjust to the temperature.

This might hold some clues :


This is,something CL team needs to look at.

Disagreed. This is not a CL issue. It’s a generic Linux issue.

Yep. Same here and I don’t blame them. My kids are crazy :crazy_face:

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Maybe they joined the 7 nanometer team.


This is hilarious stuff. I’m crying laughing. Not sure how i got here but glad I did. Sure, not funny if you have to respond to these people. I would tear my hair out. Many duplicate questions. Many irrelevant questions. zfs arr? My cooling fan? Sorry im laughing at your pain (whoever has to repond to these rantings. Think i peed myself. Sorry, carry on.


lmao I just about choked on my coffee!

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I just found out about this, 4 months later. I only hope this is something in favor of the feature to allow users to ditch the da*n swap partition/memory completely. Any ETA on it?