Clear Linux as VM in xcp-ng


Just wondering if anyone is using Clear Linux as virtual server on xcp-ng? I am setting up project and, ofc., I am using Clear Linux. I have just switched over to xcp and just wondering if there are any of you having this setup and what are your experiences. Up until now, I am extremely pleased with Clear and want to continue using it :slight_smile:
In any case, any input would be great. I will also post my experience from it.

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Looks like an interesting project.

Have you asked at their forum if anyone tried a CL setup before?

Haven’t tried, but I’d create it in VMware, export OVA, and then Import OVA from xcp-ng.

I indeed have :slight_smile: I have done my homework… it is just outreach to a larger community asking in both forums, ofc.

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I actually went in a simple way - new VM, used a template from Debian, installed - works, stable for now, no errors or problems and the damn thing is sooooo fast. I am now doing the agent… I am a bit stuck but that will hopefully work too