Clear Linux fails to complete bundle download and then segfaults

I have just installed Clear Linux. I attempted to install nfs utils but the download fails and a segfault occurs.

That’s not good! You can help us track down the issue by:

  • enabling telemetry! we might be able to root cause the bug that way remotely.
  • check journal or console output and include relevant errors (and how you ran the command)
  • try it again, but run it in gdb and try and capture a coredump
  • use coredumpctl and see if you can get a backtrace

Without any of the above, we likely won’t have sufficient information to go by.

I abandoned Clear almost immediately over such a fundamental failure. I have been using Linux since 2001 starting with Gentoo which I used for many years and greatly enjoyed compiling and everything from scratch and debugging errors, but I have become progressively lazier as the Linux desktop has become extremely stable and trivial to install. I’ll fire it up again and enable telemetry and retry the install.