Clear Linux on Surface

I am new to CL. I recently got a surface to toy with and the touchscreen does not seem to be working.
A bit of research showed that the touchscreen is done by Intel. How can I get the touchscreen working in ClearLinux?

Can you share the exact model of your surface pro and screen?

From helping others, I can tell you the Surface devices unfortunately tend to have gaps in support on Linux in general.

@puneetse It is this one
Everything works fine for me except the touchscreen (I did not know Intel does touchscreens?!) and a lot links to

You have to build and install kernel with patches from linux-surface project. You can take inspiration from my linux-surface package. It’s based on a bit older 5.4 kernel package version then currently used in upstream, I’m planning on updating it soon, but it should work.

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I am also interested in testing the Surface Linux kernel on my Surface Laptop Go if that s reasonably easy … I ve posted here : Install Surface Linux Kernel?

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