Couple issues I've been having lately

  1. Initialization stops before the GNOME login screen and shows 2 errors. The first one is the one causing the initialization to hang, and the 2nd goes away if I disconnect my second monitor (I’m on a Haswell laptop, btw).

    fail to initialize ptp_kvm

    snd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC0D0: Monitor plugged-in, Failed to power up codec ret=[-13]

    It gets stuck in a black screen showing only this for 90s, and the proceeds to the GNOME login screen.

  2. When opening GNOME Activities, sometimes, some window previews don’t show at all inside the workspaces, despite the positioning of the window previes inside it hinting at a invisible window being there.
    Here’s an example. There are actually 2 windows open, but only a single one is shown, despite the arrangement taking into account the existence of another window there.

What do?

I have those issues too