Create restore point in Clear Linux

Is there any software capable of making operating system restore points?
Do you know any?
I had a problem in the last system update, and I would like to have a backup of the OS.
I know that it is possible to go back to a previous version from the terminal, with the command:

sudo swupd repair -m <version #> --force

But for that it is necessary to have a connection to the server.
I would like to have a tool capable of returning to a restore point, without the need for an internet connection.

I made an rsync backup. Next time, just before I update, I’ll update the backup with rsync, and if the update borks my system, I’ll restore it from the backup. There are a number of Linux backup solutions. I also recommend you install another distro on your machine and have a live USB so you can chroot in to do repairs. I have a thumb drive made with Ventoy which allows putting multiple live distros including gparted live, clonezilla, rEFInd, and Super Grub on a single thumb drive for rescue purposes

Other than rsync, there are no backup programs in CL. Flatpak offers a few. I was able to compile Timeshift. Backintime would be a good choice to incorporate into CL.

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