CTRL+SHIFT+P not working with left keys

Just as the title says, the keystroke ctrl+shift+p isn’t recognized when pressing the left shift key. Interestingly enough, every other such keystroke with letters other than p is correctly recognized, and the same is true if I use any other combination of ctrl and shift
(that is, right ctrl and left shift, left shift and right ctrl, or both right ctrl and shift all work correctly).
I really have no idea what’s causing this issue, but this is quite annoying as I never use the right keys, and in Windows 10 the same keystroke works just fine, so it’s definetly not a keyboard issue. I tried with different keyboard layouts (italian and american), resulting in the same outcome.

You can give Autokey a try :


Thx, will give it a look, but I feel like this is an OS level bug that anyway needs to be addressed

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