CUDA Toolkit Installation Error

Hello ,

Installing cuda toolkit and getting error line 512: 37737 Segmentation fault (core dumped) .

The command and version i am using is as below ( working with steps from

./ --toolkit --samples --installpath=/opt/cuda --no-man-page --override

The system i am using is as below

Distribution: Clear Linux OS
Installed version: 31080
Nvidia Driver Version: 435.21
Cuda Driver Version

Hi, welcome!

Are there any logs in /tmp/cuda-installer.log?
Doublecheck the checksums of the downloaded .run file to make sure there wasn’t an issue in the download.

Thanks for the reply

the md5 sum of the download matches the one on nvidia site

still getting error

./ line 512: 10874 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./cuda-installer --toolkit --samples --installpath=/opt/cuda --no-man-page --override

the log has no usefull information

cat /var/log/cuda-installer.log
[INFO]: Setting toolkit=true
[INFO]: Setting samples=true
[INFO]: Setting globalpath=/opt/cuda
[INFO]: Not installing manpages
[INFO]: Overriding compiler check
[INFO]: Initializing menu

been having the same error over and over, last thing in the cuda-installer.log is still “[INFO]: Initializing menu”

I’m able to reproduce the same error as both of you on a fresh install.

It’s worth noting that the 5.3 kernel isn’t on NVIDIAs compatibility list. Can you try with the LTS kernel from the kernel-lts bundle?

Same problem here as well. Hoping someone found a solution to it.

Can someone try to reinstall with the --no-nvidia-modprobe removed. That is needed for CUDA toolkit to work properly.

I have tried with —no-NVidia-modprobe

I had a segmentation error , also cross checked the check sum and it matched with CUDA download

Some one n GitHub mentioned not including the samples worked.

I was able to install cuda_10.1.243_418.87.00_linux on the latest Clear Linux version (31380) without samples and linking to gcc8 instead of 7.

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Thank you

Tried without samples it installed nvcc.

However when compiling ldconfig cuda, can’t find the libcuda

Yet it’s in export and in

experienced the same segfault …I worked around by adding: --silent as already used in tutorials and build script by others.