Dd from VM installation to physical disk

Is Clear Linux* installation process idempotent? I.e. does Clear Linux* perform hardware detection and hardware–specific customizations during installation from Live ISO to disk (virtual or real)? For example if I make an installation under Virtual Box or VMWare, then dd the whole virtual disk to 20 real ones, and then insert these physical disks into 20 various PCs — will the universe explode and everything living be annihilated? )))

For any given set of bundles, you get the same actual files regardless of the hardware you install on (other than optimizations for processor features like AVX2, AVX512, etc.). But if you’re installing in a VM, you might get a different kernel bundle than kernel-native. You can easily add that one and remove the other, though.

You can always do a swupd repair after booting a deployed image to make sure you got the right variants for the running hardware.

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Great, thank you for swupd repair advice.