Derivative Distribution

I’m looking into creating a derivative distribution and I note that the instructions at

Haven’t been updated in a year, and are a bit sparse in places.

More specifically I want to add ZFS root support, and Ubuntu’s snapd.

I have 20+ years of Linux and software development experience. Happy to take on any hurdles I encounter.


Hey @stralytic, there is more documentation here:

The tooling is always evolving so let us know how it goes or if you need any help.

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Feel free to point specific gaps or shortcomings. either in github in the form of an issue, or in here.

Oh, please! Also, snaps and a path to community contributed bundles!

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@puneetse @ahkok
I’m using autospec and it’s creating a spec file that says I shouldn’t edit it, but I need to add flags to the configure command in that file.

What’s the correct way to do this?

In the autospec directory, create a file named configure with the flags to be added and run make autospec again. If the package built fine, you should see those flags in the newly generated spec file.

More documentation on the autospec control files here:

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Is it necessary for a clearlinux derivative to self host every bundle pulled from upstream or am I missing something?

If i do mixer init without --all-upstream will the upstream packages still be available to my derivative?

That’s correct. One reason for that is a security model of all content, down to the file level, being signed and verified from creation to delivery. If bundles from two sources were to be installed that end-to-end verification mechanism would have to take a compromise.

When running:
mixer build update

I’m getting the following error:

Error: Failed to run command in container: failed to execute docker run --runtime=runc -i --network=host --rm --workdir /home/clr/mixer --entrypoint mixer -v /home/clr/mixer:/home/clr/mixer clearlinux/mixer:29 build update --native: exit status 137

Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

You can add --native to bypass the docker situation. Mixer used docker at one point in time to overcome a limitation with format bumps.

Alternatively, update your Clear Linux install. The newest version of mixer-tools just so happens to deprecate that docker functionality altogether: