DigitalOcean Support?

Just curious if anyone has gotten Clear running on DigitalOcean? If so, which image did you use?

Hello @jjames - We don’t have an official image for Digital Ocean yet. It is in the works and should be released by next week. However, if you can’t wait and want like to make one yourself, I can provide you the steps and how to deploy. You will need a Clear Linux system in order to run clr-installer to generate the image.

That would be great. Would love to get this up & running to test out.

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Here you go…

  1. On your Clear Linux system, create a YAML template file:
cat > cloudguest-legacy.yaml << EOF

# switch between aliases if you want to install to an actuall block device
# i.e /dev/sda
block-devices: [
   {name: "bdevice", file: "cloudguest-legacy.img"}

- name: \${bdevice}
  size: "800M"
  type: disk
  - name: \${bdevice}1
    fstype: ext4
    options: -O ^64bit
    mountpoint: /
    size: "800M"
    type: part

bundles: [

autoUpdate: false
postArchive: false
postReboot: false
telemetry: false
legacyBios: true

keyboard: us
language: en_US.UTF-8
kernel: kernel-kvm

version: 0


If you want to add additional bundles into your pre-built image, you will likely need to increase
the size of the image under the targetMedia section. Please see for help on our installer YAML syntax.

The legacyBios: true setting is needed in order to boot on DigitalOcean.

  1. Generate the image with clr-installer.
sudo swupd bundle-add clr-installer

sudo clr-installer -c cloudguest-legacy.yaml

You should have cloudguest-legacy.img as the output.

  1. Compress the image. It’s not necessary, but it will save bandwidth and time.
gzip -1 cloudguest-legacy.img
  1. Import into DigitalOcean.

Follow the remaining prompts to import the image.

  1. Deploy an instance.

Follow the remaining prompts to deploy the instance. Make sure you add an SSH key to the instance.

Let me know if you need anymore help.


I was able to generate an image and attempted to start a droplet. However, when viewing the console it’s stuck on “Booting from Hard Disk…” and I also cannot SSH into it.

I regenerated the img (after wiping/reinstalling Clear because of build 31800 & Intel graphics issues), expanded the size to 1200M, added a user with an SSH key and voila, worked. Thanks!

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Official document on how to deploy Clear Linux OS on DigitalOcean is now available at