Do you observe long wait time after clicking `power off` in `gdm`

After updating to GDM 3.34, I found that I need to wait at least 10 seconds until the pop-up window shows up after I click the power off button.

Please comment and let me know whether this happens to other users too.

I’ve also made a GitHub issue here:

how to check?

gdm --version
GDM 3.34.1

swupd check-update
Current OS version: 33010
Latest server version: 33010
There are no updates available

It should be 3.34 indeed.
Just click power off button and see whether the pop-up window shows up instantly.

I’m on gdm 3.34.1 and the pop up appeared immediately. I tried from both the physical button and on the taskbar.
PS I’m on LTS (5.4.34-32.lts2019) kernel if that matters somehow.

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0 delay.

Kernel: Linux 5.6.8-945.native (x86_64)
Desktop Environment: GNOME 3.36.2 on x11
Theme: Materia-dark-compact [GTK2/3] manual install

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I am also experiencing the same issue (and generally lagging performance of the system).

Linux 5.6.8-945.native (x86_64)
Gnome 3.36.2, Wayland
GDM 3.34.1

UPDATE: It was fixed in CLX version 33020

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GDM 3.34.1 here.
On my N4000 CPU with ClearLinux on emmc, it’s so fast that it’s almost embarrassing.
GIMP loads in 5 seconds at first run, 2 seconds successive runs.
Shutdown is immediate.