Does CL has "../gobject/gtype.c"?


I wonder if Clear Linux holds the file “…/gobject/gtype.c”. This is the file related GNOME.

I sometime use GitHub Desktop (Flatpak application), and these days it has crashed with segmentation fault as soon as it starts up.

According to gdb, it caused by missing the file above as indicated the screenshot below.

This issue is solved at OS version 38990.

That’s not what gdb is telling you.

For an unknown reason, there was a segfault. In attempting to debug it, gdb is trying to load the C source. For space reasons, we don’t install those by default. However, we provide a special service that dynamically loads them via HTTPS, but there’s some latency since they’re coming over the internet. If you had quit gdb and run it again a few seconds later, the source file would most likely have been available at that time, and you would have been able to continue debugging the segfault.