Firefox and video playback fails

Firefox as installed on Clear Linux won’t play some internet video clips on news sites this could be a game changer for someone looking for an alternate OS to Win 10 or SteamOS. Any fixes for this major glitch. Firefox works perfectly on SteamOS desktop mode. Clear Linux restricts the use of any other browser installation.

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ffmpeg is installed ?

I used your tutorial to install ffmpeg using all your terminal commands. It fixed the problem with Firefox video playback on certain news websites thank you!

A different issue not critical but very frustrating I am not able to setup usb midi devices such as keyboard controller to work with Clear Linux. Any fix for this issue or>

The snd-seq Kernel module isn’t loaded by default. To activate and load it at boot, do the following.

Create the directory modules-load.d in /etc (see man modules-load.d for details):

sudo mkdir /etc/modules-load.d

Now create a *.conf file with the content snd-seq to load the module at boot (you can name the file how you like, i named it sound-sequencer.conf)

echo "snd-seq" | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/sound-sequencer.conf

If you want to test it first or don’t want to enable it at boot, you can also simply do…

sudo modprobe -a snd-seq

This will load the module on the running system, but will not load it on next boot.

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That fixed it I am very pleased the controller now works with VMPK midi piano. Nothing on the web would fix it lots of advice but no cigar. So simple when you know what your doing!

Thank you


Bill Z