Full RDP is (almost) here, finally!

(I wonder whose idea was to skip this feature on the initial release?)

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I second your question (I wonder whose idea was to skip this feature on the initial release?)

Is this feature available now and does it actually work?

I have spent the last few weeks trying each new build to see if gnome-remote-desktop.service would work or other approaches to GUI based remote desktop login.
I even tried what @kris was suggesting in discussion thread [Problem] Latest Build 40470 Has Issues X-Win Application Crashing

I got a little further with “dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland” in my VMware session, there were
still issues, did not seem to work as a headless (no GUI card/monitor) mode.

It seems like if the remote-desktop.service service this would be the best approach if it would work.

Looks like it’s coming in March, with GNOME 46. I am guessing we (i.e. CL people) will be getting it pretty soon after GNOME 46’s release, as usual. :laughing:

Ok thanks I will look for that change under release notes under latest build gnome is at version 45.2 in the latest build.
Index of /releases/ (clearlinux.org)

At least there is hope, I was almost going to attempt to write my own somewhat gui based client
in Windows to view data from server, kicked off by ssh session commands. Utilities like ssh and sftp are always available. sftp can be used to fetch files from server and used in GUI based editor in windows or other client, then sent back to server via sftp to correct locations.

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