Getting started with CL

I just installed CL. what should I do to getting started with it? like adding software reps, installing software, etc.
thank you.

If you are new to Linux, you may consider to use a desktop-oriented distro. CL is not.

My way of getting started with CL one and half year ago takes the following steps:

  • Learn some programming languages, e.g. Bash, C, C++, and Go, to the extent that I can read the source code to debug simple problems
  • Learn how to use common compilers and building tools, such as autotools, cmake, meson, and etc
  • Learn how to find and read documentations or wikis
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thank you for your reply.

i’ve installed python3 basic and machine learning bundle. i have some study material. now how do i start coding in python? i mean where is the compiler app in CL?
sorry for asking so many question. CL has very limited documentation. forrum/community is my only hope.
i hope you understand.

So first you need to find a editor/IDE you want to use.

neovim/vim and Emacs are available via swupd but they require some time setting up.

jupyternotebook is also available and it should be installed already. It’s a web interface running in your browser.

A popular choice is PyCharm, but you need to download it from it’s website. Choose the one in “tar.gz” format, extract and run it.

Your questions are not CL specific. You can find answers via Google.

Compiler app, for python? Python is a scripting language, no compiler needed. :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to the beginning of a long journey, friend.
jupyter notebooks can be installed with

sudo swupd bundle-add machine-learning-web-ui

sudo swupd bundle-add machine-learning-basic
Also here are some docker examples: