Gnome welcome screen on every boot?

Hi, I have a working desktop installation for a long time. But since about a week ago the Gnome welcome screen with “create new user” is always shown. I am using version 39050.
I must complete the Gnome welcome screen every time on cold boot. Everything is working as normal if i logout and login with my old user.

How can i error search and fix so Gnome welcome screen is not shown on cold boot?

I fixed it, if someone has the same issue…
My old user was set to system account “true” in “/var/lib/AccountsService/users/myuser”. Because no other user existed the Gnome auto started its “welcome to gnome” process.
I also notice that new user created now has more user groups included like audio etc, that my old user did not have. Anyway all good.

I did a new install, if i can ask for something that would help…is that it should be easier to have several clear linux installations on same EFI. Now its hard GPT partition naming logic using “CLR_ROOT” as a config to installer. So having several Clear linux installations in parallel is tricky. I assume the idea is that several parallell clear linux is not needed becouse clear linux packaging and swupd is so awsome and it never breaks anything… but that is not true. I would like an option to not use clear linux bootloader at all, just use efi so my Lenovo boot loader can be used directly and not needing to start ClearLinux bootloader.

Maybe its documented somewhere how to do it but Clear linux documentation is a mess with urls not working all over the place. 9 times out of 10 clear linux search result ends up in 404. And from the lack of help in this forum for this question i assume that question will not either be answered how to do that.

I don’t have an answer for your bootloader question, but I will comment on the state of our documentation. We understand that our documentation is not as polished as we’d like. We’re planning on changing content management systems, which should make updating the website a little easier, reducing barriers to keeping it updated. More updates to follow as those plans mature.

ok cool tx for the documentation plans update.