Gramps application

Coming from Fedora, a request for GRAMPS, genealogy application.
Is there a comparable software in a bundle?

I thought I had tried to package GRAMPS before, but I didn’t see it. I’m giving it a shot now.

Ah, ok, needs a custom parameter to the installation process. I’ll try to pick this up tomorrow.

Have a great holiday season, but when was yesterday?

I created the gramps bundle a few days later, but never followed up here :slight_smile:

I installed it, perhaps incorrectly? Gramps shows as installed in the software app, but unlike other application, does not show “launch application” on the Gramps page, and also does not appear as an option in my applications list.
“which gramps” finds it in /usr/bin/gramps, and it appears to run correctly.

I’ve pushed a change that should generate the files (e.g. /usr/share/applications/gramps.desktop) that will make it show up in the software catalog. It should make it into a release within the next couple of days.