How to identify the version of the software inside the bundle?

I would like to know how I could tell which version of the software is in a bundle
I’m thinking of bundle like:

  • hugo: it is the extended version of hugo ?
  • php: it is the version 7.4 ?
  • OBS-Studio: it is the version 26.1

I means via the command line I can’t find this info
but even sometimes via the Gnome Software I means for PHP-Basic under details it is mention Version 33940.

In each OS version, the version of a package is unique and won’t change across different bundles.

You can try to locate the package at clearlinux-pkgs and determine the version via the “version” file or commit history.

I thought Clear Linux was a rolling release.

what do you means ?
if we take Hugo as an example, the history of the package is this ?

I means I understand why the command hugo is unable to identify the BuildDate

hugo version give me:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.76.3 linux/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

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