How to install Glances 3.*

Hi there.

I am trying to get glances 3.1.3 running on CL. I was able to install 2.11 via swupd, but the latest version is 3 .1.3, that I have on my servers and 2 and 3 are not compatible.
So I tried to uninstall only glances. But this seems not to work (I suppose uninstalling the complete perfomence-tools would be the swupdy way to do so, but then again I’d lose some other tools on my box that I might need)

sat5@robotnik~ $ sudo swupd bundle-list --has-dep=glances
Bundle "glances" does not seem to be installed
try passing --all to check uninstalled bundles
Bundle list failed
sat5@robotnik~ $ sudo swupd bundle-remove glances
Warning: Bundle "glances" is not installed, skipping it...
Failed to remove 1 of 1 bundles
sat5@robotnik~ $ glances --version
Glances v2.11 with psutil v5.6.3

So, what I’d like to do is to uninstall glances v2 only, and then try to install v3 via pip. Or should I try to install glances with pip, would pip overwrite the correct files on my box? What would happen to swupd doing so, would it complain?

Best way of course would be to have the latest glances in the CL-repos.

Any suggestions are appreciated + Cheers

I’m updating it right now - we should have it within 1-2 days into a release!

Cool thing! Problem almost solved :smiley: