How to Install hplip binary plugins

I’ve adapted the AUR PKGBUILD for hplip-plugin to install the hplip binary plugins on Clear Linux. This is required for a number of HP’s printers - especially the LaserJet series.

See for more information.

You can see/get the script here:


I see:

install -m644 plugin.spec                  "/usr/share/hplip/"
install -m644 hp_laserjet_*.fw.gz          "/usr/share/hplip/data/firmware/"
install -m755 fax_marvell-"$_arch".so      "/usr/share/hplip/fax/plugins/"
install -m755 hbpl1-"$_arch".so            "/usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/"
install -m755 lj-"$_arch".so               "/usr/share/hplip/prnt/plugins/"
install -m755 bb_*-"$_arch".so             "/usr/share/hplip/scan/plugins/"

We should really get this stuff to go into /usr/local and /etc/ instead.

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Agreed. But I believe hplip relies on the files being at these locations…

The hplip core is open source, though, so, it can be modified to scan other folders for plugins.