How to know what a new release does

In [Getting Subversion not to ask for my password], @william.douglas told me that Subversion would be rebuilt and that changes would show up this week. But, as of now, I don’t know: if there was a new release rolling down, what changes/additions/removals it featured, and whether indeed his modifications were part of the release.

Is there a web page or shell command allowing to know when a new release is done and what it does (which bundles or packages are updated, a list of new bundles or packages…)?

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Well I can tell you that the subversion changes aren’t in a stable release yet. It looks like a large Gnome stack update is coming so will have to filter through and pass QA before a release is promoted to stable.

The best way I find to know the current state of the package is to check the packaging repo (assuming you’re currently up to date)

Only once changes hit a stable release the updated packaging changes get pushed to github (but not before), so it will reflect what CL will have installed with the latest updates (of course checking you are on latest release).

The release notes aren’t always super informative, but in this case the changes are.

Changes in package subversion (from 1.12.2-16 to 1.12.2-18):
William Douglas - subversion: Autospec creation for version 1.12.2
William Douglas - Enable the use of gnome-keyring


And more specifically, you can see the package release versions:

…and correlate those to a particular Clear Linux release, e.g.:

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