How to RAID 0 on Setup on Notebook


How do you install CL on a notebook with 2x Samsung 970 Pro 1TB in software RAID 0 mode for max speed ?


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@0xA1B2: Thanks for your question. For some time , we have been working to add support for RAID configurations 0/1/4/5/6/10.

I would suggest these steps:
a.) Make sure you are installing from the latest released ISO
b.) You would need to pre-setup your SW raid devices using an external tool e.g: mdadm utility should really be helpful.
c.) Once you have made your RAID configuration in your case RAID 0 , start the installation, and go to advanced installation, partition media. That should launch gparted and there you can select the RAID device created in step b. There create root partition on the RAID device with Label CLR_ROOT
d) Be sure to create your boot partition only on a non-raid disk.
e.) After you apply changes from Gparted & close it, clr-installer should allow to install
f.) After installation, on next boot, the real root partition would be discovered by initrd and mounted automatically.

Let me know if this helps.