How to use the online FUSE debug system

CL has the online FUSE debug system is a developer-centered feature that dynamically pulls debug info throughout a debug session.
how to use this online debug system?

Hi @yuntong.jin,

The FUSE debug system is designed to work in the background, downloading debuginfo on-the-fly whenever it is needed by debuggers and related tools.

To use the system, make sure either the dev-utils or performance-tools bundles are installed. If either of these bundles are installed, the FUSE debug system should be active already. If not, install them, and reboot or restart the services interactively with systemctl restart clr_debug_fuse.service clr_debug_daemon.socket.

We are actively working on improvements to the debug system and are open to feedback and ideas for improving the experience. If you discover bugs or have feature requests, feel free to open issues at the github repo too:

Thanks pmccarty, it’d be great to have doc for, and manpage for the debug system ship with CL distro.

There really is nothing “to do”. It is present, it just works, and you don’t really need to do anything about it.

For instance, if you have a segmentation fault in a program, you just run gdb /usr/bin/program and debug away.

In other distributions you have to download and install debuginfo packages. The clr-debug-info project automates this process and makes it transparent.

Hi Yuntong, we do have some documentation that will get published, right @puneetse?

Actually the most documentation on the subject that I know of right now is here: but definitely a good suggestion by @yuntong.jin that we can add to the list to get added to the CL documentation :slight_smile: