Installation probs, mouse pointer gone

Hiya. New to Linux, recent refugee from Windows and just wanted to try Clear Linux out after reading some good reviews.

For some reason my usb mouse pointer is missing both in live and installed versions. It works fine in bios and before logging in, but as soon as the desktop loads mouse pointer disappears.

I can move it and see it change fe. drop downs color, so it is functioning, just not showing. Also right clicking produces the box with display/wallpaper options. I can see the pointer at times briefly in the uppermost left corner but that is it.

Managed to install Clear Linux via super old school looking text based installer, but even that was difficult.

A shame really, I guess I have to try a bit later if this issue gets sorted and continue with Fedora for the time being.

I have tried ctrl+alt+f1 and screen turns dark but trying to restore DE with ctrl+alt+f7/8 doesn’t do anything. All tips are welcome, would really love to give it a go… thanks

Finding no permanent solution to aforementioned issue,coupled with irregular behavior of Steam and dysfunctionality of gaming on Linux, Fedora in this instance, I have resorted to drastic measures and installed Windows 10 to spare drive…

Mostly using Linux still for daily tasks, but still feel bummed not being able to use Clear Linux at all and having to play on W10… All the best to the team here, appreciate your efforts!