Installer issue

When I try to install Clear Linux in my repurposed Chromebox with Mrchromebox UEFI, I select Clear Linux on the screen, seems to load but the graphical user interface in a blank screen, but does show the mouse cursor that I can move around. I have not had an issues installing other linux distros, any ideas?

this driver fails to load with stock+RW_LEGACY firmware as well, with the same error; only case I can find this driver to load properly is under ChromeOS/ChromiumOS. the driver loads properly under ChromiumOS with both stock+RWL and UEFI firmware, so that pretty much tells me the issue is with the upstream driver, not the firmware

I updated my mrchromebox uefi firmware, and now it shows the installer GUI for a half second, then back to blank screen, so I’m making progress. So is the problem is my uefi is no good? I wonder why it works with with other distros, but can’t load clear linux?

I just chatted with mrchromebox dev, and he said my PC does not have a EC, so that’s why it says not detected. And it could be my kernel cros-ec driver being stupid, or an issue with clear linux drivers.

Clear Linux only uses upstream drivers. But if you believe this is not caused by driver, you could file a bug report at clr-installer.