Installing on to USB or external drive?

I have a laptop provided by my school (Dell Latitude 5590) that I will get when I graduate, but until then I am stuck with Windows 10 sadly. I will be taking programming classes in my second year and I would love to be able to have Clear installed on my USB 3.1 32GB stick if possible, just to make the programming lessons a bit better. Does anyone have a good solution to do this?

Fun fact: I have started learning the basics in Go for about two months now and I noticed something weird. My school computer is fully specked with 8th gen i7 (4 cores/ 8 threads), M.2 SSD and 16GB DDR4 ram but it compiles Go code on Windows 10 at roughly half the speed compared to my second gen i3 (2 core, 4 threads) with regular hard drive, 8GB DDR3 ram and Solus as Linux distribution. More than double the performance on paper but half the speed on Windows 10 compared to Linux :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can install from a USB stick to a USB stick. Just need to have … 2 USB sticks.

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I managed to get my one terabyte external hard drive free of junk so I could give this a shot and it turns out that it doesn’t even show up in the gui-installer. Tried with an 8gb installer media and the it’s the same story there i’m afraid. Is there any way to actually install it to an external drive, or am I missing something? @ahkok

@mhorn has installed on an external HD,

@Jacalz Can you post the output of lsblk?

This means we likely aren’t properly detecting the external drive - a bug. We might be missing a driver or misreading the block devices. It would help if we knew what device it was and e.g. the output of lsblk or cat /proc/partitions.

Well of course it showed up the second time I tried :lying_face: Sorry for bothering :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No worries. Happens to all of us. Just ask my colleagues how many times I’ve said “really, this didn’t work a second ago” :smiley:

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