Intel DPC++/C++ unsupported on Clear Linux

The message states that oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler is untested on Clear Linux OS. Both products are made by Intel.

From the article, here are the supported Linux Operating Systems.

I tested Intel’s C (icx) and C++ (icpx) compilers including sycl targeting the NVIDIA GPU.

Although the oneAPI CUDA plugin prefers CUDA 12.x, I installed CUDA 11.8 because this one works with Numba and Codon.

$ ONEAPI_DEVICE_SELECTOR="cuda:*" SYCL_PI_TRACE=1 ./simple-sycl-app
SYCL_PI_TRACE[basic]: Plugin found and successfully loaded: [ PluginVersion: 12.27.1 ]
SYCL_PI_TRACE[all]: Requested device_type: info::device_type::automatic
SYCL_PI_TRACE[all]: Selected device: -> final score = 1500
SYCL_PI_TRACE[all]:   device: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
The results are correct!

No changes are needed to the CUDA installation described here.

Any performance gains with icx/icpx ?

I came across this post because I want to start getting into AI work and use NVIDIA GPU. I will only be SSHing into this box where I would like to setup Clear Linux because I believe it is the fastest and not have a GUI install at all.

Do I still need to install the NVIDIA driver if I just want to use it for AI work, i.e. bytes in and bytes out, and no UI use-case per se.

I think I do, but I thought I’d ask.

Yes. The answer is found here.

  1. “To build an application, a developer has to install only the CUDA Toolkit and necessary libraries required for linking.”
  2. “In order to run a CUDA application, the system should have a CUDA enabled GPU and an NVIDIA display driver that is compatible with the CUDA Toolkit that was used to build the application itself.”