Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the forums, Mattia! really appreciate the desktop mods you’ve suggested and look forward to more contributions from you. Our deep learning stack is highly optimized and hopefully you can take advantage of that in your experimentation.

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Hi All,

My name is Neekon Saadat, and I am an avid learner and a high school student currently going to Menlo Atherton High.

(mildly) Interesting things about me:

1. I am 16 and my favorite things to do are play jazz, apply machine learning in computational genomics, and get depressed with cartesian existentialism. 

2. I am Persian (which means my family is from Iran), and I speak French, Farsi/Persian, and English. 

3. I have been happily espoused to my from-scratch Arch Linux install fro the past 3 years.

My reasons for using Clear Linux:

1. Optimizing Arch on my own is way too time consuming, and has become somewhat of a chore at this point, although I loved the massive package selection on arch.

2. I wanted to see how well Intel could cater to its own hardware, not having used an OS tailored to its hardware since I left MacOS.

3. I saw an article about Clear Linux at 3am while procrastinating my mid-term studies, laying in bed, scrolling through my google feed on my phone.

I am looking forward to being an active member of this community, and although I can’t really add much to the OS itself, I’ll be vigilant of any bugs to report in order to fast-track the maturation of this distro.


Neekon Saadat


Hi, I am Don Ware been around Unix systems since the early 1980’s…some of the machines are names now long gone, like Computer Consoles, Convergent Technologies, DEC VAX 11 780, AT&T 3B2 (400/600) and 3B4000. I was a developer and engineer for Burroughs and AT&T Data System Group (after the break up), also spent a lot of time with SunOS, Solaris…BSD, and finally to Linux I dont remember the version, but was the one the one RedHat put on CD with the Book…v2.8? Anyway learned about Clear Linux about 3 months ago, and absolutely love it. Wanting to learn more about using docker and Kata together.


Hi my name is Chris. I’ve used several distro’s in the past and wanted to try Clear. I like it a lot so far. One issue, my printer is recognized but can’t be added. Little frustrating, it’s an hp. Thanks.

Assalamualaikum everyone. I am Ismail. Use Linux Mint Cinnamon. As a developer, I like to develop in the same environment I deploy. It seems like Clear Linux can be a nice platform to deploy my projects. I am wondering around to find out if I can have a Cinnamon flavoured Clear Linux for my desktop.

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Greetings, I am Peter, but more commonly known as sunnyflunk. I am a core dev for Solus for a few years now, but have been taking a break this year as I’d spend way too many hours playing around with Linux (to the detriment of actual paid work). I was maintaining many stacks from core toolchain to plasma, and have dabbled with most parts of a desktop stack fixing bugs in all sorts of places. I’ve tended to always have underpowered machines so have been trying to get the most out of my poor hardware for about 20 years (which often means getting someone else to build the large packages for me :laughing:).

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Hello, I am Akshay, I am from India, Pursuing doctorate degree in Bioinformatics. I am working with Linux and open source since more than 6 years now. Recently started using Clear Linux. My working profile is to write new programs for biological problems and data analytics.

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Greetings from Panama. Soy Mick! I have been a Linux user for as long as linux has been around, My first install was on a Gateway (cow box) 486DX2. Yeah, I’m that old. I decided to jump into ClearLinux because I love the idea of a highly optimized, bleeding edge distro. Yeah I hate when I don’t have a /etc/fstab and I hate systemd, but I’ll go with it to check this out.


Wow, the diversity of backgrounds here is pretty amazing! :slight_smile:
Welcome @neekonsu @djware @zeph @blueray453 @sunnyflunk @akshayware @mstute!


Churches…Like “Notre-Dame” (Paris-Fr) ?
Just jocking !
Yet, I’m French & I guess i’ll give a try to this distro
Might be of some use, even if i’m not really paranoid !
No VM, my own laptop !

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Hi,I’m Adrian,a normal linux user, come from Romania and work in Germany.I installed CL with no issues to my Asus laptop and i use everyday…a lot of challenge(systemd+swupd+UEFI) but I like this distro,very smooth(give Gnome a try) ,and now my Fan work thanks thermald :slight_smile:


Hi Chris … I, too, am a new Clear Linux user with printer issues. I was using Fedora 30 before switching and didn’t have any issues with my printer under that distro. I also have an HP (laserjet pro 1606dn). It seems to be properly set up using HPLIP but it will not print. Everything in the queue always has the ‘paused’ status. Were you able to get your printer working with Clear?

Hi, I am Mustafa, living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve never been to Portland :slight_smile: but lived on the East Coast for some time. It’s very exciting to see Intel developing a Linux distribution for general use. I hope you will have a bit impact in the history of Linux. I have tried Clear Linux already and found very efficient. Also the team is responsive and friendly. It looks like you guys will get crowds of users in these forums very soon.

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Hi, I’m Jeff. I love world music, consider myself multicultural, and am a Los Angeles native. One thing I appreciate about LA is the world comes here to visit and to live, so I don’t need to travel to meet people from everywhere. :slight_smile:

I am a Linux N00B and Window$ refugee, but I have been a shell user for years. I had an account on Netcom when Bob Reiger was running it, an account on Barry’s, and then ran Cygwin for several years. On Netcom I learned how to build software, then got the K&R text and learned the basics of how to code in C on Cygwin and mingw. (I haven’t done any coding in years, tho…)

For my new system that I bought just last year, I splashed out on an i9-9900k processor and Z390 MB for the power to edit and process high-resolution audio/video files. (The newest high-compression video codecs are very demanding!) Having already learned what an optimizing compiler like gcc can do for performance, I wanted an OS built that way. I had considered building Linux from Scratch, but then found the impressive benchmark tests over on Phoronix. That led me to your Clear Project, and here I am.

It has been and still is a challenge learning my way around, being that I’m getting old and my head does not work near as well as it used to, but I think I am doing alright with the basics, so that my old Windows box is collecting much more dust than it used to. :smile:

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