KDE Global Themes - failed to install dependency

Hi, I have installed desktop-kde and it’s working great apart from Global Themes in the System Settings, it fails when trying to download/install new themes. I have tested in a VM and after installing desktop-kde-apps the function starts working straight away so it looks to be a missing package. I do not want to install the desktop-kde-apps bundle on my main system because it comes with a lot of applications I am not needing.

The installation failed with code 4 while attempting to run the command:kpackagetool5 Error: Installation of /tmp/Sweet.tar.xz failed: Could not install dependency: 'kns://colorschemes.knsrc/api.kde-look.org/1294174'

To further test I have tried separately installing all the bundles listed in https://github.com/clearlinux/clr-bundles/blob/3c732800a964feb70490ea4515b4f5e65ee13a65/bundles/desktop-kde-apps that say “also-add” but this does not work making me worry that the package I need is not included in any other bundles apart from the main desktop-kde-apps that I want to avoid installing. Is there a way to get this functionality without installing the apps bundle?

Any solution to this? I’m in the same boat.

Has not KDE been virtually dropped as desktop in result of CL Change of Direction?
My understanding was that only Gnome continues to be fully supported in CL…

an easy way to install the “sweet theme”:
find the tar file in /tmp
and extract it in
create directory if it does not exist

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