Laptop power management suggestions - sleep then hibernate

I understand CL made the decision to disable hibernation. I’m curious how people running CL manage laptops. With Arch, I would configure a sleep-then-hibernate solution which worked well for my use case: after 20 minutes of sleep, the laptop would hibernate, and allow me to stay off power for a significant amount of time. With CL, after closing my lid, there is a slow drain of battery in the sleep state.

I’d love suggestions on how the CL community manages laptop power savings. Do they enable hibernate? Is there a sleep mode I’m missing that won’t drain battery over a prolonged period of time?

Thanks all.

I’m not a hardcore laptop user but I’ve found that with quick boot times I hardly need hibernate anymore. For short walks in between meetings I just close the lid and suspend, but for anything else I just power the laptop off or leave it plugged in. Hibernating has a hidden power cost at hibernation time when it needs to write all the hibernation data to disk, and then read it all at resume again. You’re getting very close to the time and cost of just shutting down quickly and booting up again, so, this may be something you should consider.

I am a “harcode laptop user”, moving a lot, and, although I’m rather happy, with the situation regarding power management, I think it would indeed be even cooler if CL could be configured to switch from “sleep” to “hibernate” after some configurable time. Switching the laptop on and off, even if boot time is very fast, is still different than having an open session that you just recover when opening the lid.