Live ISO unusable on ... 4k monitor?

can’t use it on the system i want to install. the entire live desktop is oversaturated and i can’t see a single thing.
i tried it on another machine and it looks ok there.

working: 1080p monitor with nvidia gtx 1060

oversaturated: 4k monitor with nvidia rtx 2070 super

the main difference between the two is the monitor. on the 4k monitor, it’s oversaturated. on the 1080p monitor, it shows up fine.

i was able to fiddle my way to the logoff screen and the display manager came up with normal saturation, logging back in however went back to the oversaturated diaplay.

I experienced the same thing on a 2k monitor with NVIDIA RTX 2070. Pass the nomodeset boot option to install Clear Linux OS. While in the text-GUI, remember to scroll up and down to see all the selections (add user, set local time, and important add nomodeset to kernel command line > extra arguments in advanced options).

There is no live mode in this situation. However, installing to an external drive does not affect your box.

For folks using NVIDIA graphics, I recommend installing Clear Linux OS using a recent ISO no less than 36740. The 36750 is the most recent on August 7, 2022 and works too.

To get into single-user mode :