Missing Botan 2, CMAKE

Hi guys.

I’m trying to manually install a program called CoreCntrl as per the manual install process here

git clone https://gitlab.com/corectrl/corectrl.git

cd corectrl
mkdir build
cd build

BUT, i get the error " – Checking for module ‘botan-2’
– No package ‘botan-2’ found"

I’ve installed what i thought would be the relevant bundles.

Can someone help me install Botan 2 so i can install Corecntrl.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve added config to make a devpkg-botan-2. If you want to manually install the Botan-dev rpm (and possibly lib) to work around this, it is also an option.

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Hello thank you for getting back to me so quickly !
Do you mean you’ve added a devpkg-botan-2 to the software section ?

May i ask, how would i manually install the Botan-dev rpm and lib ?

I’m sorry , still learning :slight_smile: I’ve been spoon fed too much via Ubuntu lol.

Kind regards,


Hi William.

Just following up on this. How would I add the rpm manually ? Also, will botan become part of one of the dev packages available in the software depository?

I’m fairly new to Linux and just need a little guidance to overcome this hiccup and I’ll be raring to go !

Thank you,