Modify kernel configuration

Hello, I modified the kernel configuration using make menuconfig to enable hardware watchdog support.

Well, after modifying it, i build the kernel to obtain an .rpm with make build.
As a result I obtained a .rpm file as expected. I deploy it with rpm2cpio as indicated and it works well.

But now, I would like to deploy it using mixer, because this modification will be in several devices. I create the mixer in a “master” device and a “slave” device is configured to use this repo as reference. But I am able to deploy bundle such as editors, but when trying to include this .rpm to a bundle I don’t know how to obtain it. Can I have some help?


Check out the mixer-add rpms man page:

I add the .rpm file to my local rpm directory. Also I build the mixer and a new update version is created.
In target device “slave” I don’t know how to obtain this .rpm on it.