Openbox Shows Black Screen (Mouse Cursor only) or Error Message

I installed bundle desktop-lxqt, and I got the following options related to Openbox on login screen. So far so good.

  • Openbox
  • Gnome/Openbox
  • LXQT Desktop

However, Openbox and LXQT Desktop just showed a black screen with a mouse cursor. Mouse clicks (left or right) caused nothing to happen. I needed to switch terminal to kill the Openbox process to stop it (read: Openbox was running but displaying nothing).

Gnome/Openbox showed a sad face saying there is an error (see picture).

Any suggestion?

Another (quite irrelevant) question… The bundle desktop-autostart depends on desktop-gnome. Does this mean that it is necessary to install the full gnome if I want a GUI start automatically?

Actually I don’t demand a GUI all the time. But when I removed desktop-autostart and desktop-gnome, Clear Linux seemed fail to boot (it may just be displaying nothing or had some other issue booting up at that time, but I don’t want to troubleshoot booting issue again). Are these expected. It’s OK for me to login to text mode and type startx / start-lxqt etc when I need GUI.

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What about using Clear Linux Server?

It may be better for starting in non-GUI environment. But I won’t reinstall to test this. After all, I usually use a GUI. (Maybe I had super bad luck, I worried so much about Clear Linux installation and unbootable issues)

For the Openbox issue, I just noted that desktop-lxqt bundle is deprecated. This may be why it can’t start probably. As far as I can see, the only active desktop environments are desktop (gnome), desktop-kde and xfce4-desktop.

I wish swupd search shows bundle status.

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Having the same problem stuck with KDE right now. Don’t really like gnome yet.