Out Of Memory errors when running Java

Hi there!

I’m running Clear Linux OS on an old laptop with 8GB of RAM, and I’m using it to run a small Minecraft server. I think I’ve isolated the OS as the only remaining factor that’s causing this; on Debian, I can run Java with a max heap size of 7GB and there’s no problems. But on Clear Linux, with the same configuration and such, I can only get it to work with 5GB. Any more and it crashes and gives an OOME. And it feels like the updates are making it worse, before I could use 6GB and it’d be fine.
It seems like enabling transparent huge pages helps, but I’m really not sure.

I’m not very familiar with Linux, so is there some sort of hidden setting I’m missing that could help with this? Htop says that it’s only using ~200MB of RAM on idle, so shouldn’t it work fine if I give Java 6 or 7 GB? Thank you!

one thing… by default we do not enable a lot of swap space (unlike debian) so you might just be running out of swap…

for out of memory problem, i use zram and oomkiller like earlyoom