Performance results that don't even seem possible

I’ve been comparing performance on a machine between Windows 10 and Clear Linux. It’s the same hardware, an older i7, not overclocked.

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790
Mem: 32gig
Solid state drive

I did fresh installs of Windows 10 and Clear, and optimized performance mode for Win10.

I suspected some performance differences within reason and Geekbench shows that:

(Higher is better)

Geekbench 5 Windows 10

Single Core: 942
Multi-Core: 3641

Geekbench 5 Clear Linux

Single Core: 1041
Multi-Core: 3933
Slight difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Geekbench 4 Windows 10

Single Core: 4311
Multi-Core: 14971

Geekbench 5 Clear Linux

Single Core: 4807
Multi-Core: 16124

None of these results surprised me, and fit within what I would expect for software only optimizations.

However, the next thing I did was a Blender Render of a BMW, a popular test of machines. Here’s where the difference was so vast I am suspect of it.

Under Windows 10:
Time to render: 13:31.21

Under Clear Linux:
Time to render: 05:49.88

They were both CPU renders, and I ran it several times to see if it was a fluke, and it appears in this use case clear Linux renders this in far less than half the time. Is that even possible? Has anyone else seen results like this?


Maybe Windows falls back to AVX instead to use AVX2 ? Tried with swap off in Windows ? Is Windows power setting balance or max ? Is Defender disabled ? Many things can make Windows 10 run slow, thats why I use Windows 2019 which removes a lot of clutter.

You could be right about AVX. Power setting is set to max and the swap is set to a static size, defender is disabled.

Windows 10 has generally been a pretty good performer on this machine, I was just shocked to see so much discrepancy in it. This calls for some more tests I think!

Clear Linux for the win!


Did you do a dual-boot install and if so, which method did you use?

I know it is off topic, but I am trying to figure out how to dual-boot install CL and windows 10, and all the threads about it are pretty cryptic.

@Yfarkashh, welcome to the Clear Linux forums. Have a look at this document: