pgAdmin and Teamviewer

I coming from Fedora and i need to my work pgAdmin and teamviewer.
Is there a comparable software in a bundle?

Thanks for help.

Teamviewer isn’t open source, so we can not include it.

Nobody has asked about pgAdmin before. It would help to file a package request on our github.

This the pgadmin issue. Currently I suggest trying the docker container work-around mentioned in the issue.

AnyDesk which is working absolutly the same way than TeamViewer and it can be install from ‘Software’

If it’s a workplace requirement to use Teamviewer, then Teamviewer it has to be. They are not compatible, afaik.

Using team viewer for work requires a commercial license, which comes with support. If you or your employer have a commercial license just contact Team viewer. I’m sure they will be happy to help. And they have scripts and tarballs and Makefiles that will work anywhere with a little know-how.