Post your Clearlinux download speed/time?

What speed do you get with a standard single thread download as clearlinux updates doesn’t use a multi-connection download client like Aria2?


Have you heard back from CDN as it’s still taking hours to download?

I heard nothing today, sorry.

That’s unusually bad service from them considering you’re paying them and it’s not like this is a new problem as sunnyflunk said above it’s been subpar for ages.

How many more weeks months do we need to report these unusable speeds before they do something about it?

Sort of ironic that the fastest desktop linux has the slowest download / install and update speeds. :slight_smile:

I’m not directly in contact with them. This sort of thing goes through 5 layers of indirection, and so I’m trying to avoid putting the blame in any hands right now. All I know is that folks are looking into it, and, there has been no further update.

I do know speeds were ~300KB/sec and now we’re up to 8MB/sec, so, something drastically improved, but, it’s still not sufficient.

Honestly, I’ve considered forking the updater and replacing curl with aria2, It’s what I use as an agent for every other distro.


I’m still stuck on less than 400KB/sec , my friend who is on a completely different ISP is stuck on less 400KB/sec and he even tried to download the ISO on his 5G phone which maxed out at about 360KB/sec.

ManJaro, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint , Fedora and Solus ISO’s all downloaded in a few minutes.

I’ve asked for an update on the topic - thanks for repeating the check - that is useful info and I’ve passed it through.

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Just updated the first link from 32270 to 32330 and i’m currently getting 1.5MB/sec with a 30min finish time.

I am downloading from Jakarta, Indonesia. I tried to download the image several times by now. It takes many hours to completely download the desktop ISO. The process is still ongoing after about 5 hours. My internet connection here is reasonably fast at 10Mbps. It would be great if the iso could be made available as a torrent download or from some other mirrors.


I thought they had fixed it but it’s slow here again in London UK.

I just don’t get it as you can download Debian 10 via network install which is twice the size , do a key exchange and verify the entire download and packages and install it in 20mins or less. Clearlinux you spend hours downloading ISO followed by an hour verifying the install which i have never seen before on any distro.

It’s currently not practical.

@Lucapz agreed. One needs to be very curious to accept such a long download time just to test drive a distro. Hopefully there will be improvements to the download process in the future. My download is still running now…

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The download just finished (clear-32340-live-desktop.iso). It took over 9 hours. Location: Jakarta, Indonesia. ISP: PT Graha Multimedia Nusantara.

@ahkok may I suggest that the Clear Linux team maintains several mirrors in different locations around the globe? I can see how the third party CDN method looks more appealing to a team of developers. However, from an end user perspective different global mirrors are almost always the better solution.

I will give Clear Linux a spin now but if the updates come at the same speed I don’t see how I can maintain a rolling release distro.

That is what a CDN does - it maintains several mirrors in different geo’s with high bandwidth.

@ahkok I am aware of that. In practice though I found that it often does not work as well as maintaining your own servers. This is especially true in more exotic parts of the world.

Edit: To end this on something more positive. After taking a look Clear Linux made an excellent first impression.

That makes no sense?

Other CDN downloads from other distros are constantly fast and have been for years, clearlinux CDN is not even usable for some of us as it’s too slow?

How long did it take to install?

I ran it from a live CD and installed it on a virtual box for now. The VB install was fast. I didn’t look at the clock.

Most CDN’s work where it’s not a mirror, but a cache. When you download a file, it is first fetched to the most local CDN node, then distributed to you from that node (unless that node has already downloaded the file recently). They work fantastic when people are frequently downloading the same file from the same locations). The amount of time a file is cached I imagine is quite small if no one else downloads it within an hour or two.

So your download is the minimum of the speed the node can download the file and the speed of your connection to the node. Most speed issues I would expect from the former than the latter (which you can test by downloading the file twice and see if it is faster the 2nd time).

They don’t tend to send the file through the CDN network, which I’d expect to be very fast

For the sake of this thread I have just tried to download a new copy of Clear Linux Desktop today. Today the download works as expected. I didn’t download the full package but the initial speed is normal and the download ETA was showing as 40 minutes which is a typical distro download time in my location with my ISP.

Very likely what @sunnyflunk said about it now being cached on your local CDN.