Problem reporting service


I didn’t find such topic.

During some days Evince (PDF reader for GNOME) crashed several times. But I didn’t see notification in notification center and push-notification on desktop. I know how to look crush reports, but it’s good idea to add app with GUI like “Problem reporting” (gnome-abrt).

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Any user can make any suggestions (for software under free licenses)? I’m just a user, not a developer. I don’t have enough experience in Open Source, but I have ideas how to make Open Source projects more user friendly.

Any user can make a suggestion, although it is very much an engineering prioritization call on whether to implement it. Suggestions that align well with the goals of the project tend to get more traction than e.g. nice-to-have cosmetic features. UI improvements are not high on our priority list at the moment.

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Thanks for the explanation!