[Problem] Subpar perfromance in Google Meet

Hello, I’m currently having performance issues in Clear Linux regarding Google Meet.
I want to clarify that this is not happening in other OSses like Manjaro or even Windows 10.
For some reason I’m listening to garbled sound from time to time when I’m in a video meeting. This is not happening in Windows 10 or Manjaro, even with 720p video on.
CPU is maxed out in Windows 10 when I do this though (100% usage), but the sound and video are both smooth, in Clear Linux according to htop is around 90% under the same settings, but it just doesn’t play the video too well and sound is distorted. Is there something I could do here to fix the issue in CL? Thanks in advance!

What web browser are you using ?

Google Chrome, tried enabling and disabling hardware acceleration, disabling it seems to improve the situation a bit, but still worse than Windows 10 and the rest of the OSes.

Here is a well written document that help me with google meet performance on a duo core intel process running on clear linux.

Here is another post for about 3rd party support for clear linux repo, clear fraction.


Sorry for the late reply, seems my issue is solved now, CPU usage is still high even with almost full hardware acceleration (checked chrome://gpu), but now calls are pretty much smooth without issues, which is what I wanted. Thanks for the help!