[Question] How to use c-basic-mingw with Eclipse IDE?

Hi! I’m trying to get to work the official CL bundle c-basic-mingw on Eclipse IDE:

I’m trying to learn coding and while I can compile programs for Linux without issues, I’m struggling to make MinGW work with Eclipse, it doesn’t detect it at all despite being installed.

At some point today I somehow managed to get it work, since I was trying stuff I deleted it just to see if Eclipse was actually using the c-basic-mingw bundle, and after that it stopped generating .exe files.

So, I went to install it again and… well, Eclipse stopped recognizing it, I wasn’t able to make it work again.

Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get it work, I thought that maybe when I installed the bundle Eclipse automatically detected it, but it’s not working anymore even after trying multiple installs/uninstalls of both the bundle and Eclipse.

Any help to make this work again is appreciated! I already lost like a day with this lol.

EDIT: Basically, what I want to do is for MinGW to show in the wizard when creating a C/C++ project, alongside the Linux GCC compiler, so I can compile binaries for both Windows and Linux.
A workaround I found is to use my MinGW prefix and path in “Cross GCC” and that seems to work, but it’s not the solution I was looking for, since the MinGW toolchain still doesn’t appear alongside the Linux GCC toolchain in the wizard and it’s not as practical as I was hoping for.